Kitchens with a galley style layout

TeamOG Design Inspiration

The galley layout has been designed around a ship’s galley and is the most efficient kitchen of them all when it comes to cooking. A galley kitchen is made up of either cabinets on both sides and a corridor down the middle, or units on one side and an island in the middle, proving to be very popular in open-plan spaces. This type of kitchen layout makes space of small, cramped spaces. A ‘kitchen triangle’ can also be designed into the layout, where the fridge, cooker and sink are at the three points of the triangle making it easy to glide across to one another.

When planning the cabinets and shelves in this type of layout you don’t want to overcrowd the space. To design it perfectly you need to have plenty of room to move around and to store all of your essentials. Make each side similar to achieve a balanced outlook and a consistent finish. For extra storage place tall cabinets on one wall and leave the workspace on the other side open, this will allow extra natural light to beam through. Overhead storage is another option to give you more space but not breaking up the rest of the kitchen. You can always display that special china in an open-shelf placed in the middle of the room.

There are two types of galley styles, symmetrical and asymmetrical. Symmetrical is where both lengths are practically the same on either side. Asymmetrical uses various approaches breaking up the run. Taller cabinets or a bank of appliances on one side with the base to wall units on the other.

Adding lights into a galley layout can make the space appear bigger and create a comfortable and stylish atmosphere. Leave windows unblocked to allow as much natural light as you can. Layer the lighting to add additional strengths of lighting with illumination, and emphasise on the task lighting with an under-shelf spotlight or a pendant to light up those fabulous worktops from Oxford Granites.

Glossy units in a galley kitchen create an optical illusion of more space and a streamlined effect. It is very sleek and modern keeping within today’s interior trends, and try not to clutter those stunning worktops as you want them to be shining through.

Style and colour play an important part in a galley style kitchen. Light coloured cabinets will instantly create a bright atmosphere and welcome all who enters. A quartz worktop from Oxford Granites will create a personal and sophisticated finish, and we have many colours to choose from. How about layering colours across the room using different tones of one colour. Dark colours allow the light to bounce across, creating an impression of a larger room. Dark units with lighter worktops will work great not overpowering a smaller space.

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