Kitchens with U-Shaped Layouts

Beth Woods Design Inspiration

U-shaped layouts are perfect when you have lots of wasted space. They use all of the available space you have, creating a lovely lot of worktop space too. This type of layout frees up floor space and has features of cabinets and appliances situated on three walls, naturally creating a boundary between the kitchen and other areas of the room. The layout can sometimes be called a C-shaped with an open end for access.

Lots of extensive research went into creating the U-shaped layout with it particularly working in any size kitchen, but most effective in a larger space. The shape is useful and versatile with it being down to the owner’s personal preference. Perfect for chefs being able to access various areas of the kitchen without having to walk across the room and of course working in any kitchen style.

The sink area is normally featured on the external-facing wall, this sits in the lower curve or bottom of the “U”, and underneath a window. The oven is typically housed down one side of the leg of the “U”, with lots of storage, with the other leg of the “U” finished with the fridge and more storage.

Why is a U-shaped layout perfect?

The ‘kitchen triangle’ can be designed into this layout easily with the three separate work zones at each point. It provides a safe design for you and your family and the design does not allow through traffic, meaning only one person at a time, no spillages and a less chaotic cooking area. However, they can be a more expensive layout, because the cabinetry and worktops are required for the additional kitchen runs.

A limited number of steps are required between the different appliances and units within a U-shaped kitchen, creating a safe area when guests are present. They are a clean and uncluttered look, with generous worktop space and everything within easy reach.

When planning a U-shaped kitchen you should start off with where your windows are located. If one of the walls features a window then this would be ideal for the kitchen sink. The window will give you lots of natural light when completing tasks and allows you to look out onto your beautiful view and thinking of paradise laying on a deck chair instead of doing the dishes.

Corner storage is a great advantage to a U-shaped layout. They make use of the space, perfectly blending in and creating a perfect multi-functional hub of the home.

You can create a peninsula on one of the legs that extend out into the open space, perfect for a seating area making it more sociable, or you could even house the sink or hob. They are great for adding extra worktop and storage space too. A quartz worktop from Oxford Granites will create a personal and sophisticated finish, and we have many colours to choose from.

Every now and again we fit more traditional style quartz in traditional style kitchens. Like this Jet Black by Caesarstone below, a great combination to the oak cabinets and doors.⠀

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